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Guitar Duo Eclectico

Do You Know What Eclectic Means?

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  The Tunes:

Spanish Improv #1
Message In A Bottle
Pillow Dance
Hey Tulip Tulip
Erin Shore
Hotel California
Autumn Leaves
Every Little Thing
She Does Is Magic
Hey Joe
Blue In Green
GDE began recording the CD in February of 1997. The entire recording process was finished by May of 1997. After completing the "nuts & bolts" items, such as graphic design, copyright licenses, etc., the CD went into production early February 1998, and is NOW AVAILABLE.

We did most of our recording and mixing at Andrew Collins Musical Services. Andrew is a keyboardist and singer, and does extensive free-lance solo work around the Chicago area. Click here to visit Andrew's web site.

2 songs were recorded and mixed at George's home studio, which, although it does not operate as a business concern, we decided to call "Small-Scale Recording" just so it would have a name.

Digital Editing and Mastering was done at Steve Yates Recording. Both members of GDE have been involved in projects in the past which have benefitted from Steve Yates' expertise, and he did his usual wonderful job on the GDE recording.

The graphic design for the CD was done by Lane Mott. Lane is a professional graphic artist, and has recently re-located to California.

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