welcome to explorations.

this is about as spontaneous a recording as i’ve ever done;

it was recorded on february 6, 2014, from about 1 pm to 3 pm,

at corpus christi church in sturgeon bay, wisconsin,

on  an ipad mini with a tascam im2 stereo microphone.

i’m playing my favorite instrument, a hiroshi tamura classical guitar,

which i have owned since 1974, when i was a college student.

other than the improvised introductions,

the two original tunes,

second thoughts and night of the white rainbow,

and the bach Dm prelude,

are performed pretty much “as written”...

i toyed with the opening melodic fragment of improvisation,

for about a minute, then hit the record button.

both sides now, moon river, and while my guitar gently weeps

feature lots of improvisational research into the placement and

reharmonization of the songs’ melodies and themes.

i first tried this sort of improvisation by playing duets

with pianist jon novi; i’ve come to very much enjoy this type of playing,

as well as the challenge to improve at it.

click any title to hear a sample...

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